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  1. Geotechnical Monitoring Software to Examine the Subsurface

    September 24, 2014 by russellcrue

    Geotechnical monitoring is a scientific way to examine the subsurface. Created as a division of civil engineering, geotechnical monitoring is focused with the performance of earth metals. The geotechnical monitoring software uses principles of rock and soil mechanics to examine existing subsurface circumstances and resources. Areas of interest are risks created by site conditions, designing earthworks and structure foundations.

    Said to have started in the year 1925 by Karl Terzaghi, geotechnical monitoring applies the ideologies of soil mechanics to examine and design earthworks as well as buildings.

    Geotechnical Monitoring Software

    Geotechnical Monitoring Software

    Geotechnical projects might consist of either a surface examination or a subsurface examination, additionally, it might involve both.

    A usual project starts with a geotechnical monitoring of soil and rock sear an area of curiosity to find out their engineering possessions and may contain evaluation of the dangers to humans, property as well as the environment. An environmental threat includes sink holes, soil liquefaction, earthquakes, landslides, debris flows &rock falls.

    Geotechnical engineers also observe the earthworks and foundation construction to guarantee that the ‘fills’ are correctly placed and compressed and that foundation are built as designed. Geotechnical engineering allows engineers to offer reviewed design standards if the rock or soil circumstances in the field doesn’t match the conditions required from the investigations.

  2. Mines Monitoring – A Review

    June 30, 2014 by russellcrue

    Monitoring mega structures like mines is not an easy task. Hence, these days sophisticated systems are being used known as mines monitoring systems. Mines monitoring systems take complete care of the different types of mines which include mines which are into extractions of metals like nickel, silver, palladium, limestone and salt, copper and more. The mining instruments as well as equipments used for the same include sub level caving, under cut and fill, block caving, vertical retreat mining and more. The tasks done by mines monitoring systems include design optimization, operations scheduling and complete maintenance as well. In case of any potential hazards they provide immediate alerts to the concerned people so that immediate precautionary measures are taken and if necessary evacuation of the people can be carried out to avoid casualties of any kind.

    Mines Monitoring

    Mines Monitoring

    Due to the number of benefits mines monitoring systems provide it is always advisable to install mine monitoring systems from the design stage only. In mines monitoring systems information about rock mass behavior and variable ground conditions is easily available and the reports generated are useful in assessment of geo mechanical mining models giving confidence in making crucial decisions for mining. The modeled predictions help in adjustment of the mining methodology and operations as well.

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    June 30, 2014 by russellcrue

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